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By 46th IFAWPCA President
Mr. Rabi Singh

It is an honor and great privilege for me to deliver this message as a President of IFAWPCA, an organization with a proud past and an exciting future.

As we are taking the baton from Maldives to Nepal- from sunny side of life to the top of the world, I will strive to take IFAWPCA to a greater height working with all the member countries together.

I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our Immediate Past President Mr. Janah. He made an effort to travel to most of our member countries and maintained an excellent rapport with our esteemed stakeholders.

We shall continue to collaborate and raise our voice for the awareness and the upliftment of infrastructure and construction industry as a whole. We will endeavor to expand our reach, enhance connectivity and communication and add value to our members.

Most of our member countries are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, hence, we will work in promoting building with conservation and make our built environment greener and sustainable. This is the reason why we have come up with the theme of 46th IFAWPCA Convention as “Partnering in Sustainable Infrastructure”. It is after the 30th IFAWPCA Convention in 1999 that Nepal is again hosting the 46th IFAWPCA Convention in 2023.

I would like to ensure that IFAWPCA will work closely with all our stakeholders in promoting and developing construction industry by resolving common issues in contract administration, procurement policies etc. through the support and participation of all member countries.

As a president of the IFAWPCA, I am open to advice and suggestions for the betterment of our fellow members in strengthening our federation. I request all of us from different associations to unite in making IFAWPCA even bigger and more meaningful.

Thank you and looking forward to a great tenure.

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