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Who We Are

International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA) Inc. groups together the fraternity of builders from eighteen (18) member countries in the Asia and Western Pacific region. A dynamic international organization, IFAWPCA plays a critical role in promoting international fellowship and cooperation; in developing beneficial relationships between governments and contractors in the region, and in establishing cooperative working arrangements in the furtherance of civil and building construction projects.

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Objectives and Purposes

1. To bring closer contact, international fellowship and cooperation among the contractors in the  countries and geographical areas in Asia and the Western Pacific.

2. To exchange information on engineering construction technology.

3. To develop and strengthen the relationship between governments and contractors with a view towards finding  mutually beneficial solutions to problems.

4. To establish, in accordance with the laws of the respective member countries / geographical areas, cooperative working arrangements in the furtherance of civil engineering / building construction projects.

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Code of Ethics

All members shall uphold an honorable and dignified code of conduct and shall observe and adhere to the following:

1. To act in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, the Declaration of Free Enterprise, the Charter on International Operations and IFAWPCA aims.

2. To exert no undue influence or offer, solicit, and/or accept compensation with the purpose of affecting a fair tender or negotiation for any contract.

3. To seek no confidential nor provide derogatory information nor offer deduction of tender price at any time.

4. To refrain from unduly influencing labour and technicians by offering more or negotiating a cheaper transaction by utilizing knowledge of a confidential quotations.

5. To accept no other charge than those agreed or, when acting as construction consultant, work according to a reasonable scale of fees.

6. To exert no undue influence or accept any offer and when acting as an arbitrator, operate justly and fairly in accordance with conditions of construction contract, laws, customs, etc.

7. To refrain from acting maliciously or recklessly in an attempt to injure the professional reputation, prospects or business of fellow contractors, either directly or indirectly.

8. To recognize, respect, cooperate and work in harmony with sister federations, professional bodies, technical institutions or any other organizations relating to the construction industry.

9. To contribute, exchange, train and/or research on Conditions of Construction Contract, technology, methods of construction and field operations as a responsibility to the community and construction industry for the benefit of human progress.

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