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Engr. Bimal Chandra Roy

Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry


Engr. Bimal Chandra Roy is the Vice President of BACI, Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry and Managing Director of Next Spaces Ltd. Nextspaces Ltd is a leading company in foundation technology, developer, general contractor and active in power plant, bridges, metro rail construction in Bangladesh.

He is a self-made business personality who started his business career in the construction sector & is playing a pivotal role in the infrastructural development of the country.

He started his carrier after his graduation in end 80’s as the project Engineer with Daewoo Corporation of South Korea in a locomotive workshop project of railway and with BIT spa of Italy in construction of microwave towers project in Bangladesh.

He afterward worked as project manager in a coastal embankment and cyclone rehabilitation project funded by World Bank in Bangladesh.

He joined in oversees construction activities in 1995 in Laos PDR in a roadway and bridge construction project in Luangprabang. And after he worked about four years in Malaysia in high-rise building project.

Next Spaces Ltd was formed in 2004 by merging and consolidating into the solid background and successful accomplishment in the Engineering and Management of infrastructure projects.

Next Spaces Ltd is specialized in construction management specially in construction of commercial and industrial buildings, tall building with basement floors, and especially deep foundation technology.

Next Spaces Ltd has dedicated to develop and manage the planning and construction of infrastructure project with the introduction of modern construction technology. The company is specialized in foundation construction, pile foundation, basement construction.

He was born in August 19, 1960 in northern part of Bangladesh. He completed B. Sc. Engineering (Civil) from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).

He is a fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Bangladesh (IEB). And individual member of Deep Foundation Institute (DFI).

He is also a General Body Member of the Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI).

He attended 44th IFAWPCA convention in Kuala Lumpur and 45th convention in Maldives.

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