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August 11, 2023

Nepal's Federation of Contractors Association Launches Agitation Against Government's Inaction


The Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal (FCAN) has embarked on a spirited protest against the Government, demanding the fulfillment of its critical 10-point agenda aimed at bolstering the nation's construction industry. The agitation, which began on July 30, 2023, reflects the contractors' frustration over the government's failure to address their legitimate concerns.

The FCAN's 10-point demand list encompasses comprehensive aspects of the construction industry's development. Foremost among these is the call for immediate payments for completed projects that have been delayed due to a resource crunch on the part of government agencies. With these payments pending, contractors have been unable to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Additionally, the FCAN is advocating for contract extensions and price adjustments that factor in the prevailing inflation rate, ensuring fair compensation for their work in changing economic conditions. Mr. Rabi Singh, the President of FCAN, disclosed that government agencies collectively owe contractors an estimated NRs. 50 billion, leading to project delays and contractual non-compliance.

Contractors from across Nepal have converged in the capital city, Kathmandu to lend their voices to the protest movement. Thousands of contractors donning safety jackets and helmets have united in peaceful demonstrations, demanding that their rightful concerns be heard and addressed.

The FCAN protest has garnered considerable support from political leaders and private organizations. The solidarity expressed by these entities underscores the significance of the contractors' struggle for justice.While the FCAN's agitation has been ongoing, the government's response has yet to materialize. This has prompted the association to issue a stern warning of a third phase of decisive action, scheduled to commence next week. As the standoff between the FCAN and the government escalates, the nation is closely observing the situation.

The FCAN's dedication to the betterment of Nepal's construction industry and its unwavering stand against government inaction reflect a broader quest for progress and accountability. The coming days are poised to shape the trajectory of this movement and potentially reshape the landscape of the construction sector in Nepal.

The international community remains engaged as FCAN continues its resolute protest, challenging the government to address the legitimate concerns of its members and pave the way for a more prosperous construction industry.

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