On Covid-19 Pandemic

The rising situation on the raging Covid-19 pandemic has become an aggressive threat to humankind globally within a matter of few weeks. The malicious spread of this virus has killed thousands and forced multiple businesses to shut down, affecting lives and livelihoods of billions across the world. The economic momentum of the world has depreciated in trillions of dollars’ worth of loss and the colossal economic damage by this natural catastrophe is presumed to be one of the worst to hit humanity after the world wars. With the situation still evolving and billions in danger this situation has officially become an international crisis demanding for a multinational response.

This is the moment that we must put aside our personal matters and come together as a united global community, to support, to show kindness and compassion to our brothers and sisters bravely combating this disease on the frontlines, behind the scenes or at home. We, as an international body, must do our share and more in battling this pandemic and ensure the safety and well-being of our people. We must contribute to our best ability to build back the once again thriving society with improved economic resilience. We need to act now, quickly and responsibly.






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