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14 July 2021



The second day of the FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference focused on clients’ experiences together with the Multilateral development’s banks and their use of FIDIC contracts across the Asian and Australasia region.

IFAWPCA Vice Chairman for the Conditions of Contract Committee participated as one of the speakers in Session 3 reviewed a number of case studies in the employers’ and contractors’ use of FIDIC contracts across the region.

Mr. Olive Wee, gave an overview of the use of FIDIC contracts in Asia. He highlighted the standard form of contracts available in Malaysia and also in the FIDIC contracts used in IFAWPCA member countries. He said that the FIDIC form was often amended as there was no full understanding in the local industry of the contracts.

He also refers to disputes and the rising number of cases in the courts, Mr. Wee said that legal battles always lead to a long and painful journey and need to be avoided. He suggested the extensive use of BIM as it does not help in saving time and money and makes life easy for the employer, contractor and consultant. He also added that it is also necessary to put some realistic time limits for the arbitration process; if at all one has to follow on failure of others' mechanism of resolving disputes, to avoid endless prolongation.

To watch the full event of FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference, please visit the FIDIC YouTube channel. Link here,


FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, is the global representative body for national associations of consulting engineers and represents over one million engineering professionals and 40,000 firms in more than 100 countries worldwide.



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