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Godfrey Leung King-Kwok

The Hong Kong Construction Association, Ltd.


Mr Godfrey Leung received his Bachelor of Social Science (Hons)  degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988 and  Master of Science degree in Urban Planning from the University of  Hong Kong in 1993.

He joined the then Construction Workers Registration Authority in  2008 as Chief Executive Officer and left the position of Director,  Workers Registration of the Construction Industry Council in 2013 to  join The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative  Region as Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic  Development. After leaving the Government in 2017, Mr Leung  served at various senior positions in different organisations and  companies. Prior to joining the Hong Kong Construction Association,  Mr Leung served as the Chief Executive Officer of a listed  manufacturing company in Hong Kong.

Before joining the then CWRA, Mr Leung had been working with the  Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) for 15 years.  Throughout his tenure with TDC, Mr Leung held various positions in  different departments dealing with industry relations, overseas  liaison, mainland & overseas products, services promotion and  exhibitions. He had also been posted to Shenzhen and New York to  head the TDC offices there.

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