Lifetime Membership is the only honorary membership that IFAWPCA can confer. It is an honor of the highest order by which a person is adopted by IFAWPCA as one of its own and so honored for life. Its serious implications dictate that such conferment be considered with extreme care and comprehensive research and evaluation, lest it be degenerated into an exercise of social niceties.

Lifetime Membership is a lifetime honor, therefore it would be logical to require that the effect be more than superficial or transitory; that it be fundamental, intensive, lasting, continuing to influence the course of IFAWPCA, foster internal cohesion and enhance the image of IFAWPCA.


Name/Association Position Awardee At Date
Robert O’Neill (MBFA) Past Board Member 15th Convention, Hong Kong 21 - 27 November 1976
Henry Wilckens (MBFA) Past President 22nd Convention Sydney, Australia 12 - 16 October 1986
Charles C. C. Wong (BCAHK) President, Past Secretary General, & Past Board Member 23rd Convention Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 10 - 14 April 1988
Takeo Atsumi (OCAJI) CICA Past President, & Past President 24th Convention Hong Kong 19-24 November 1989
Harshavadan J. Shah (BAI) Past President 25th Convention Bombay, India 15 - 19 November 1991
Anton C. Kho (PCA) Past Rapporteur & Past Board Member 26th Convention Tokyo, Japan 18 - 22 October 1993
Glyn T. H. Ing (CNAGC) CICA Past President, & Past President 28th Convention Seoul, Korea 15 - 19 September 1996
Tan Sri Dato Dr. Yeoh, Tiong Lay (MBAM) Past President 29th Convention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15 - 19 March 1998
Dr. T. N. Subba Rao (BAI) CICA Past President & Past President 30th Convention Kathmandu, Nepal 5 - 9 December 1999
Felipe F. Cruz (PCA) Executive Director of IFAWPCA for 15 years 31st Convention Christchurch, New Zealand 18 - 22 February 2001
Datuk Lai Foot Kong (MBAM) Past Secretary General of IFAWPCA 42nd Convention, Tokyo, Japan 16 - 19 November 2015


The IFAWPCA Distinguished Service Award is to recognize individuals that have made substantive service and contribution to IFAWPCA and/or the construction industry within IFAWPCA.

Such an award is intended to identify individuals who have gone beyond the boundaries of that of an office bearer within IFAWPCA or her Regular Members and who has made significant contributions for the betterment of the construction industry with positive impact to society.


Name/Association Position Awardee At Date
Glyn T. H. Ing (CNAGC) CICA Past President & Past President 26th Convention Tokyo, Japan 18 - 22 October 1993
Dr. T. N. Subba Rao (BAI) CICA Past President & Past President 29th Convention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15 - 19 March 1998
Felipe F. Cruz (PCA) Executive Director of IFAWPCA for 15 years 29th Convention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15-19 March 1998
Kim, Kie-hyun (CAK) Past Secretary General & Past Board Member 29th Convention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15 - 19 March 1998
Yashraj G. Patel (BAI) Past Board Member & Past President of BAI 30th Convention Kathmandu, Nepal 5 - 9 December 1999
Choi, Chong-whan (CAK) CICA Past President & Past President, Lifetime Member 40th Convention Kochi, India 6 - 9 January 2013
David Bateson Honorary Legal Adviser 44th IFAWPCA Convention, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 12 - 15 November 2018


The award seeks to honor the outstanding contributions made by an individual in the Asia and Western Pacific construction industry. Such an individual must serve as a role model for present and future generations and by affording this recognition on the Award seeks to encourage members of the industry to strive for and attain greater heights by strengthening their excellence in leadership and enhancing their reputations.


Convention Representative
34th Convention Viboon Sriprasert
35th Convention Felipe F. Cruz
36th Convention John A. Haskins
37th Convention Sarit Kumar Lala
38th Convention Dr. George P. Kuo
39th Convention Ir. Conrad Wong, JP
40th Convention Mr. A.M. Naik
41st Convention Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra
42nd Convention Mr. Terutoshi Soda
43rd Convention Mr. Lee, Deok-In


The award shall be for contribution rendered towards the growth and development of the construction industry in IFAWPCA member-country.


Convention Venue Representative
26th Convention Tokyo, Japan IFAWPCA Manila Secretariat
27th Convention Bali, Indonesia Eddie Kowara, 16th IFAWPCA Past President, Indonesian Contractors Association
28th Convention Seoul, Korea Kim, Byong-jin, Chaiman of Daelim Engineering Co., Ltd
29th Convention Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Hon. Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
30th Convention Kathmandu, Nepal Varun Prasad Shrestha, Secretary, Ministry of Population & Environment, Nepal
30th Convention Kathmandu, Nepal Deepak Bhattarai, Founder/Principal, Nepal Engineering College, Bhaktapur, Nepal
31st Convention Christchurch, New Zealand Dennis Waple, Manager of BRANZ’s New Business Development BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand)
32nd Convention Colombo, Sri Lanka Vidya Jyothi Dr. A.N. S. Kulasinghe, National Engineering Research Center
33rd Convention Singapore Jimmy Koh, Founder & Managing Director Antara Koh Pvt. Ltd. Civil & Marine Eng’g Contractors Director, Antara Koh (Malaysia) Sendirian Berhad. Council Member of Singapore Contractors Association, Ltd.
34th Convention Bangkok, Thailand Jaroon Janjamratsaeng, Managing Director of Benjamas Co., Ltd.
35th Manila. Philippines David M. Consunji, Chairman of DMCI
36th Convention Gold Coast, Australia Dean Cipolla, Project Leader John Holland Group/CRC Construction Innovation
37th Convention Chan, Ming-Tang Project Manager of Kung Sing Engineering Corp.
38th Convention Taipei, Taiwan Chan, Ming-Tang, Project Manager of Kung Sing Engineering Corp.
39th Convention Hong Kong Mr. HO Sai Chu SBS, OBE, JP, Permanent Supervisor of the Hong Kong Contruction Association
40th Convention Kochi, India Mr. Ajit Gulabchand, Chairman and Mananging Director of Hindustan Construction Company, Ltd.
41st Convention Jakarta, Indonesia Hon. Dr. (HC) Ir. Djoko Kirmanto, Dipl. HE, Minister of Public Works of the Republic of Indonesia
42nd Convention Tokyo, Japan Mr. Seiichirou NAKAO, Executive Project Director of Takenaka Corporation
43rd Convention Seoul, Korea Mr. Jung, Dae-Young, President of Sam Heung Construction Co., Ltd


The award shall be for excellence in the field of construction and shall be reserved for construction field-men of the position up to and including foremen, general foremen, and such other titles or designations with similar functions and responsibilities in the area of on site working level supervision.


Convention Awardee/Particulars
20th Convention Yap, Kooi Kee (Malaysia) Site Agent (Building Construction -Technical Category) Laiman-Faiyin Construction Sdn. Bhd.
21st Convention Fernando E. Mangua (Philippines) Foreman/Supervisory Level. Philippine National Construction Corporation.
21st Convention Ernesto T. Ong (Philippines) Project Manager/Engineering Level. Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc.
22nd Convention Bryan Carlin (Australia) Project Manager/Engineering Level. White Industries Limited.
23rd Convention Cheng-Shien Lee (Taiwan, R.O.C.) Project Manager/Engineering Level. BES Enginering Corporation
23rd Convention C. S. Nain (Taiwan, R.O.C.) Project Manager/Engineering Level). Fu Tsu Construction Co. Ltd.
24th Convention Leung, Wai Hung (Hong Kong) Project Manager. Shui-On Construction Co., Ltd.
24th Convention Charles C. C. Wong, Hong Kong Construction Association, Ltd. (HKCA).
27th Convention Christanto (Indonesia) Site Manager P. T. Pembangunan Perumahan
28th Convention Lee Yong-gil (Korea) Project Manager Daewoo Corporation
30th Convention Krishna Prasad Sapkota (Nepal) Site Management Supervisor United Builders and Engineers
31st Convention Allan Greig General Foreman Mainzeal Construction
31st Convention Mark Watson Site Foreman Ebert Construction
32nd Convention Jayampathi Gunatillake Foreman, Supervisory Level
33rd Convention Ang, Eng Chew Senior Foreman, Supervisory Level Lian Beng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd
34th Convention Sithichai Thamakaison Foreman, Supervisory Level
35th Convention Oscar S. Gonzales General Foreman (for civil works), Supervisory Level
36th Convention Lou Agnello Site Manager, Foreman (for excellence in construction field management operation supervision). Manteena Pty. Ltd.
37th Convention A. K. M. Akhtaruzzaman Director for the construction division. Abdul Monem, Ltd.
38th Convention Huang, Chien-Jeng Site Supervisor for Fu Tsu Construction Co., Ltd.
39th Convention Wong, Ka Loon Project Supervisor of Shui On Construction Co., Ltd.
40th Convention Mr. S.R.C. Nayar General Manager of Kunnel Engineers and Contractors (P) Ltd.
41st Convention Ir. Julius, MT Project Manager of PT. Total Bangun Persada, Jakarta
42nd Convention Mr. Masamichi TAKAGI, Executive Manager of Takenaka Civil Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.
43rd Ms. Yoo, Hyen Executive Director of Nam Yang Construction Co., Ltd

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